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KRAL Pumps with Magnetic Coupling

Challenging Task
KRAL pumps with magnetic coupling are hermetically sealed and can handle temperatures to 250°c
Operation, materials and accessories.
Max. flow rates: 2.900 l/min.
Max. pressure: 100 bar.
Temperature range: -40óJ to 250óJ
Casing: Nodular cast iron,
silafont and steel.
Spindles: Nitrated steel.
Energy density: 250 kJ/m3
Magnet material: Sm2CO17-Permanent magnets.
  Leakage-free and clean.
  Critical fluids containing substances endangering the health or the environment should not leak to the atmosphere.

Conventional shaft seals are lubricated by the fluid. A leakage flow is specified and necessary for proper operation.

Magnetic couplings replace conventional shaft seals. KRAL pumps with magnetic coupling are hermetically sealed, the environment remains clean.
  Can be used to 250óJ
  Thermal distortion and the temperature limits of elastomeric sealing elements restrict the use of screw pumps in high temperature applications.

If temperatures up to 250óJ and handled, KRAL pumps with magnetic coupling are the right choice.
  Reduced life cycle costs.
  Spare parts and maintenance costs of mechanical seals increase life cycle costs

The use of high quality mechanical seals in KRAL screw pumps is the standard. Even when properly applied, mechanical seals are subject to wear. Spare parts and maintenance costs arise.

KRAL magnetic couplings are maintenance free, due to the lack of a mechanical seal and increased life of the ball bearing. The cost premium of a pump with a magnetic coupling will be typically amortized afther obly three years of operation.
  Protection of delivery medium.
  With conventional seals, oxygen from the atmosphere may diffuse through the sealing gap into the fluid. When the fluid crystallizes from contact with oxygen, the process is interrupted and expensive plant shut downs can result.

KRAL pumps with magnetic coupling are hermetically sealed and protect the integrity of the fluid.
  Low price.
  A magnetic coupling is required to transmit high torques. This can make the magnetic coupling large and expensive.

For high torque transmission, strong magnets are nevessary.

The new generation of KRAL pumps are cosst optimized and designed to he requirements of the magnetic coupling. For many years, KRAL has successfully manufactured magnetic coupled pumps. Experiences are autual field tested applications were incorporated in the design.
  Overload protection.
  If the operating limits are exceeded, the pump may become damaged.

Solids in the fluid can lead to blockade and damage the spindle and housing. In most cases the final manufactured product is not to specifications, and the pump must be replaced. If the decoupling is controlled, and the pump stops, the pump and magnetic coupling will suffer no damage.

The magnetic coupling can prevent consequential damage.
  Areas of application.

KRAL pumps with magnetic couplings are screw pumps for pumping fuels, oils and other non aggressive liquids. They are used primarily in industrial applications, such as:

  • Marine, as ciculation pumps for fuels.
  • Plastics processing, especially polyurethane applications.
  • Power plant engineering, as circulation pumps for fuels.
  • Plant engineering and the chemical industry for heat transfer fluids.
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